Kingston12 Programming Notes

Sydney White

New Music Fridays (9:00 PM – 2:00)
Every Friday night on Kingston12: Conscious Reggae Party host Sydney White introduces listeners to the latest reggae releases from countries around the world where reggae music is produced. Artists from Jamaica, Hawaii, Germany, New Zealand and Great Britain are regulars in the playlists. We introduce to new music from new artists and the new stuff from the old guys. Remember, if it’s Friday – there is always something really special at

King Viper Sound (10 PM – 3:00 AM)

King Viper Crew at Work

Tune in to King Viper Sound – the US east coast #1 Reggae and Dancehall Sound System – heard live on digital radio at every Saturday night form 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM. DJ Lulu, Kevin, the Fluffy Diva and the crew take into the real world of Jamaican Dance. During this five-hour session, listeners get to enjoy Dancehall music in its purest form. The play-list may range from the early nineteen sixties to the Friday prior to the air date. Contact King Viper Sound at 202 641-6443

Kingston12: The Conscious Reggae Party – How to listen

Grace Digital WIFI Tuner
Grace WIFI Radio

Our 24/7 channel can be heard via the embedded player at, or on several models of WIFI enabled radios by various manufacturers including Sangean, Grace, Q2, C Crane, Livo, Cobra, VTech, Sanyo and Bose. Our new website – is optimized to enable easy access to the player via tablets, cell phones and computers. Just go to the website on your device and the player is now at the right top of the front page. On the phone you can use Bluetooth to connect seamlessly to any Bluetooth enabled radio or other device in your vehicle. Our K12 app for phones/tablets is coming soon. Stay tuned.