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Excuse Me Doctor! I've Got What? by Melissa Clarke MD

Excuse me, Doctor…:  uses stories, checklists and tips to make every reader into their own best patient advocate. Written by a Harvard-educated physician with 20 years of caring for and empowering patients, the book makes it easy to understand:

  • Why people get sick
  • How to stay well and managing your own health with the 5 Self-Health Actions
  • How to find and choose the right practitioner for yourself
  • Who the various types of primary doctors, specialists and alternative practitioners are and what they can help you with
  • Complementary and alternative treatments that have been demonstrated by research to help certain conditions
  • Healthcare reform and choosing your own health insurance
  • Paying for health costs, with guidance on everything from benefitting from your health insurance to negotiating doctor and hospital bills
  • How to mentally be prepare to take charge of your own health & healthcare

….and much, much more
This is not a one-time read.  You will continue to reference this book to find answers to your pressing health care issues and will also undoubtedly recommend it to friends and family.