About K12 Digital Radio

Kingston 12 Media, LLC is the parent company of the website Kingston12.net and Kingston12 Digital Radio – a predominantly reggae music information, culture and related internet (digital) station that presents the very best reggae music from Jamaica and countries around the world just the way the original icons intended. The website presents information about music and living well, the environment, healthcare issues and technology. The music format named Adult Classic & Contemporary Reggae Radio (ACCRR ) by the station’s Executive Director is designed to expose Gen X and Gen Y  to the music of the Masters, while providing exposure for many contemporary artists and music that are usually not heard on other reggae channels or radio stations. 

Kingston 12 Digital Radio is a 24/7 conscious reggae party that is programmed in accord with how we believe our listeners use audio services. As a result, one should not be surprised to hear some of the classic R & B, Classic Jazz vocals and instrumentals, Pop hits, early Jamaican recordings, along with hits from world music capitals dropped into the playlist. We consciously break the rules of traditional play-list development and “Billboard formatting”, introducing unprecedented cross-genre playlists, while aiming to provide our audience commercial content with public media sensibilities. 

We will at times, leverage content form the numerous live events. Our strategy also involves heavy brand extension – leveraging our Kingston12 brand with social media tools to promote and expand use of content created specifically for kingston12.net. In addition, our digital team will always seek to utilize our digital assets to define and complement entertainment outreach and engagement wherever live reggae music is played.

The term Kingston 12 represents the postal or zip code in West-Central Kingston, Jamaica that along with adjacent areas of Trench Town (Kingston 13) and the south-central part of the city, functioned as the axis of that cultural renaissance that gave the world reggae music. It is the home of the Ambassador Theater – the place that was the flagship in presenting new Jamaican artists to Jamaica and the world. The Ambassador (Bass) along with the Majestic, Palace and Ward theatres provide the stages for the Vere Johns’ Hour – a talent show that introduced the country and subsequently – the world to artists like Alton Ellis, Ken Booth, Bob Marley, Don Drummond, Jimmy Cliff, Desmond Dekker, Peter Touch, Millie Small, Hortense Ellis, Bob Andy, Jackie Edwards and many of the stars that became the icons of the reggae music industry. Kingston 12 was the “Harlem” of the Caribbean. An area that attracted artists such as Jackie Opel and Lord Creator who came all the way from Barbados and Trinidad, respectively.

We are music lovers who thoroughly appreciate and cherish the cultural heritage and diversity that gave us the music. This digital radio station is a mirror of our souls. Part of our mission is to play the classic singers who laid the foundation and introduce our parents to reggae music. In addition, we search for and expose great new talents and their music to people who otherwise may never have the opportunity to experience great reggae music. Please enjoy the music and the comforting vibes it lends to your soul. Welcome to Kingston12 Digital Radio where the music never ends.

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